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Symbolic or message jewelry

Symbolic or message jewelry

In this world that turns all our points of reference upside down, more than ever the symbolic value of a jewel can bring us comfort. Some designers have created jewelry that makes us think beyond their pure aestheticism.

Ilona Orel: universal symbols

Fascinated by symbolism, Ilona Orel has created jewelry that is an extension of her vision of the world. She baptized her very first creation “Perpetuum Mobile”, composed of two gold rods, held by a chain and creating with perpetual motion the shape of a cross. “Like the symbol of the star, the cross is a universal message that is found in many religions,” explains Ilona Orel. Movement is also the common thread of his creations, notably with his “World Famous” ring, the terrestrial globe rotating as if by magic on the finger. “Movement spins energy by connecting ideas and calms anxiety,” she confirms.
Ilona Orel on 58 Facettes
World Famous Ring - Ilona Orel on 58 Facettes
The globe, adorned with Paraiba tourmalines or in black lacquer, can also be personalized to evoke a country dear to his heart. She also talks about the complementarity of beings with her “Venus & Mars” collection symbolizing the woman with the circle surmounted by a cross and the man by an arrow. With an artistic and unconventional sense, she likes to intertwine them to create love symbols in homage to the singer Prince and bringing a rock'n roll touch to her creation. Its best seller, the “Third Eye” ring captures the iris with a hypnotic movement. “The third eye is a symbol of protection in ancient civilizations and also develops intuition”. Again, it is possible to customize the room with the colors of his eyes.
His latest Seven Chakras and Heaven's Ladder collections are adorned with the colors of the Chakras. Each point of the body corresponds to a chakra and a color such as purple for spirituality, yellow for energy or green for love. For our greater good, Ilona Orel arms us in the face of today's world with protective jewelry and meaningful creations.
Seven Chakras earrings - Ilona Orel on 58 Facettes

Nathalie Bonnemaille unveils her workshop If you're golden

Installed in a workshop at the back of the courtyard in Besançon in the watchmaking and jewelry capital of the Doubs, Nathalie Bonnemaille likes to create jewelry with deep messages. "A jewel without a symbol is empty!" », As the passionate jeweler likes to recall. “My creations reflect my own life path in relation to my questions about societal developments. Rejecting too classic schemes, I became interested in the philosophy of deconstruction of Jacques Derida and the architectural movement of deconstructivism of architects like Zaha Hadid ”. Their buildings seem to have undergone earthquakes with sloping walls or off-center windows.
Nathalie Bonnemaille on 58 Facettes
Opening ring - Nathalie Bonnemaille on 58 Facettes
A true creative guiding thread, deconstructivism gave birth in the hands of Nathalie Bonnemaille to a collection entitled “Harmony is born from openness”. Her ring Opening Collection is a true architectural work, adorned with sapphires, one stone of which is tilted in balance, symbolizing openness. These breaks in geometric lines are also found on her ring set with rubies with a stone opening onto a square and bringing a dynamic to the creation. "It's the symbolism of an inner upheaval that has a particularly strong resonance today and my clients are all the more receptive to this message", explains the designer with emotion.
His second opus is the theme of Evolution featuring rough stones in jewelry form. “My passion for jewelery was born with the pleasure of manual work and the transformation of materials. Thus, I wanted to stage the original side of nature by using rough stones, associated with a material, born from the hand of man”. Nathalie Bonnemaille invites us to discover extra-terrestrial materials such as ferrous meteorites that come from an asteroid, associated with a diamond from the depths of the earth. Worked in slices or nuggets, meteorites transform into futuristic unisex pendants worthy of the 2001 film Space Odyssey. Conversely, evoking ancient mythology, her "Prayer to the Nature Gods" bracelet depicts a woman-goddess in osmosis with nature, sculpted in Macassar ebony (Indonesia) and adorned with a dendritic agate with crystal patterns of ferns. When nature meets an artist, she offers all her strength to the human being!
Prayer to the Gods Nature Bracelet - Nathalie Bonnemaille on 58 Facettes

GilbertGilbert: lucky charm jewelry

20 years ago, Sylvie Gilbert created her brand which, like her double name, brought her twice as much luck. Above all, she created a style of lucky jewelry to always wear with you. “The Wishes collection is like a talisman that brings what you wish deep inside. Symbols are engraved on the jewels like wheat evoking abundance and renewal or even the eye providing protection,” explains the designer. The idea is to surround yourself with positive messages to ward off fate and above all surround yourself with love like this enigmatic message with the letters of the word Love intertwined or a child's drawing that made it with his heart . She declines fine stones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise or malachite reinforcing the cheerfulness of her jewelry.
Sylvie Gilbert on 58 Facettes
Harvest 3 ring - GilbertGilbert on 58 Facettes
GilbertGilbert also offers alliances each season. “It's a bit like a couturier who has his wedding dress as the finale… Me, I create a wedding ring for each collection! “explains the designer. These 18 carat gold rings are handcrafted in its Montreuil workshops with very subtle patterns of small flowers, gold grains or small holes giving an almost musical rhythm. Her customers are very loyal and eagerly await her editions of wedding bands to be worn alone or combined.
Wishing to offer accessible jewelry, the designer also combines silver with diamonds. The Diamonds bracelets feature a diamond that seems to float as if by magic in a circle of silver. The Honey Moon pendant sparkles with its circle, adorned with a central diamond. "This diamond symbolizes the lucky star for a wedding, but also for your whole life", specifies the designer. Like a good fairy, Sylvie Gilbert likes to sprinkle her positive messages around her.
Diamonds Bracelet - Sylvie Gilbert on 58 Facettes


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Ring Toi & Moi Venus & Mars Pearls and Yellow Gold - Ilona Orel
Photo 1: Ilona Orel
Photo 2: World Famous Yellow Gold and Black Lacquer Ring - Ilona Orel
Photo 3: Seven Chakras Earrings - Ilona Orel
Photo 4: Nathalie Bonnemaille (Atelier Si t'Es d'Or)
Photo 5: Opening Collection ring - Nathalie Bonnemaille
Photo 6: "Prayer to the Nature Gods" Sculpture Bracelet - Nathalie Bonnemaille
Photo 7: Sylvie Gilbert (GilbertGilbert)
Photo 8: Harvest 3 ring - GilbertGilbert
Photo 9: Diamonds bracelet - GilbertGilbert

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