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Vintage Hermès rings

Vintage Hermès rings

The first HERMÈS collections

In 1927, the first collections of Hermès jewelry were born. Stirrup, bit, saddle bridle... the equestrian codes linked to the history of Hermès, an eternal source of inspiration, like the links of the famous Chaîne d'ancre bracelet which appeared in 1938. 
Pierre Hardy, fashion designer, originally in shoes, arrived in 2001 as artistic director of the precious jewelry collections. He modifies the codes of jewelry, playing on the shape of the jewelry and giving it a more modern spirit. The first Haute Bijouterie collection appeared in 2010. Since then, Pierre Hardy has signed new collections…
Hermès Centaure ring

The Kelly HERMÈS ring 

The Kelly, iconic Hermès bag, created by Robert Dumas in the 1930s, was called by this name in 1956. Its clasp, a reel, signature of the Hermès house, also inspired Hermès jewelry and in particular the design of this used kelly ring

Hermès Kelly ring


The HERMÈS Herakles ring 

La herakles ring, is it inspired by this hero of Greek mythology, who lived many adventures? The superb H represents strength by following the curve of the finger and obviously an iconic signature of the House. 

Hermès Herakles ring

According to your desires and your style, find even more models of used Hermès rings, all illustrating excellent know-how, such as the ring with 3 enamelled rings or the Clarté ring, famous for its imposing shape.

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