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The largest black diamond at auction, a black diamond jewel soon?

The largest black diamond at auction, a black diamond jewel soon?

A 555,55 carat black diamond at auction at Sotheby's in February 2022 

What is a black diamond?

For a long time, the black diamond was not considered a high quality gemstone, unlike the colorless white diamond. With the increasing popularity of colored diamonds in the 312,24th century, the extraordinary contrast that white and black diamonds create together is highlighted. Thanks to the creativity of certain designers, notably De Grisogono, the black diamond has taken its rightful place among gems. One of the diamonds of this brand also refers to "the Spirit of Grisogono", a natural black diamond of 587 carats from a gross of 202 carats. A few other black diamonds are also famous: the 67,5-carat Black Star of Africa or the XNUMX-carat Black Orlov (or Eye of Brahma).

An example of vintage De Grisogono diamond jewelry:

 The largest cut black diamond in the world

But they are set to be bowled over by the next black diamond to be auctioned at Sotheby's next February: a 555,55-carat black diamond said to originate from outer space. Called The Enigma, this diamond is the largest cut black diamond in the world and is said to have come from a meteorite impact or a diamond-bearing asteroid. It is offered for sale after having been owned for more than twenty years by its owner, and has not been publicly exhibited before. The stone can be seen in Dubai, Los Angeles and London before the auction at Sotheby's. A sale that will undoubtedly cause a sensation.

© Sotheby's: Black diamond 555,55 cts
In the meantime, some vintage black diamond jewelry set in jewelry: black diamonds
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