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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
The digital certificate: what is it?

The digital certificate: what is it?

Since January 2022, we have implemented, in collaboration with GoodsID, the digital certificate, associated with your jewelry purchases. It is issued on request for jewelery with a value greater than €500, upon expiry of the withdrawal period, i.e. after 15 days from the date of receipt of your jewel.

The digital certificate, a dematerialized certificate of authenticity

The digital certificate corresponds to a dematerialized version of the certificate of authenticity. It can be considered as a dynamic "gray card" of your jewelry, grouping important information such as the characteristics of materials, hallmarks, signature, or the size of these. It is enriched during their life with the recording of events, such as interviews or transfers of property.

 The information you will find there:
  • A photo of the jewelry
  • The description of the jewel as it appears on 58 Facettes during your purchase,
  • The name of the expert who authenticates the jewel
  • The certificate of the stone if applicable

Key benefits for traceability and transparency

In addition to the regular "update" functionality, the digital certificate allows you to quickly prove authenticity and ownership of the jewel concerned. It also facilitates the certification of data relating to it.
All this is done in a totally secure way since the certificate is unique and recorded in the blockchain. It is inviolable, non-duplicable and ultra secure, which eliminates the risk of falsification or copying. Finally, your anonymity is completely respected and your data cannot be traced because the digital certificate does not include any of your personal data.
The digital certificate ensures traceability and transparency, for a purchase with confidence on 58 Facettes.


Finally an innovative and secure service that saves you time! No more searching for papers or risk of losing them. All the information essential to the authentication of your jewel is now stored digitally and securely.
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