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Amethyst, stone of the month for February

Amethyst, stone of the month for February

Second-hand jewelry with the February birthstone: amethyst

Like citrine, amethyst is a fine stone belonging to the quartz family. This stone mainly found in Uruguay and Brazil is the birthstone for the month of February.


A bit of history on amethyst…

The name “Amethyst” comes from the Greek word “Amethystos” and refers to sobriety. 

Legend has it that a nymph named Amethystos refused the advances of the god Dionysus before Diana turned her into a quartz statue to protect her. The god of wine would then have spilled his wine on the latter, thus giving it a purple color. Today, the myth gives way to science, and other elements explain the particular color of this mineral.

Amethyst, a remarkable color 

Indeed, amethyst is often recognizable thanks to its purple color. A color totally in line with the current trend of Very Peri, Pantone color of the year 2022. Different shades of amethysts exist, they can range from a light lilac purple to a very deep purple through a browner hue. This characteristic element is due to the presence of iron within the crystals. 

On the other hand, when it is heated to approximately 250°C the amethyst loses this violet color to draw towards yellow. This process also makes it possible to transform them into citrines, which are slightly more orange in color than the original citrines. It is also possible to find ametrine, half-amethyst, half-citrine, amazing two-tone stones. 

Heated even more around 500°C the amethysts, take on a green color, color more often liée to this treatment than found in nature. This variety is called prasiolite. The problem with this green quartz is that it can easily discolor when exposed to too much sunlight. 

The amazing virtues of amethyst

Originally, amethyst was used by the Greeks and Romans against drunkenness and the evil eye. Surely in connection with the legend of the nymph Amethystos, the latter drank their wine in goblets decorated with this stone. Later, it was also considered a lucky charm by sailors and soldiers. 

The violet color of this quartz was for a long time a symbol of power and this is why it was often found in the hands of important men and more particularly of high religious dignitaries. 

Today, it remains renowned for its many benefits and is sometimes called the stone of wisdom. Some believe it has a tranquilizing power and helps relieve stress. Others believe that it has the ability to transmit inspiration and energy to its holder.

Amethyst in jewelry 

Besides these many qualities, amethyst is also highly valued in jewelry for other reasons. It is a solid stone, with a mineral hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and which rarely has inclusions or cracks. Thus, it is easy to cut and can be used for large pieces. 

Thanks to its wide range of colors, it is easy to associate, not only with most metals but also with different stones such as emerald, citrine or turquoise. The Bulgari House has also detected this ability! 

In terms of cutting shapes, the stone of wisdom also offers a wide choice. Although it is generally found in a round or oval shape, it can also be sublimated by a pear or cushion shape.

Finally, another major advantage of this stone is its price. It is one of the most affordable gemstones. So if you want to treat yourself, while following the trend and without necessarily breaking the bank: amethyst is for you! 

Quartz family
Hardness: 7
Impact resistance: good
Density: 2,65

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