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Aquamarine, Stone of the Month for March

Aquamarine, Stone of the Month for March

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. From the beryl family, like emerald or morganite, its name means “sea water” and the legend would make it a treasure of the nymphs. Its blue tint has made this gem a talisman for sailors, so it is commonly the symbol of protection, calm and tenderness.


Its color can be light blue to an intense blue or blue-green, a color that is found in particular with the stones whose provenance is thus the most popular: Santa Maria in Brazil. There are also aquamarines in Madagascar, Pakistan and Africa (Namibia, Zambia, etc.). Very large crystals have been discovered, and the largest gem-quality stone discovered in Brazil weighed more than 110 kg! 

A gem that can generally be found without inclusion, its color and size will play on its appeal, and it was particularly appreciated during the Art Deco period, where it went very well with the geometric shapes of jewelry, as well as in the 50s. You will therefore find some on beautiful vintage art deco rings to vintage tank rings or on other types of vintage jewelry.

Beryl family
Hardness: 7,5 - 8
Impact resistance: fairly good
Density: 2,68-2,90

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