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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35


The Elsa Vanier gallery, partner of 58 Facettes


AA fairly rare association in France between the codes of a gallery and those of jewelery, the Elsa Vanier gallery has been defending jewelery for almost 20 years as a cultural object created by craftsmen, artists in their own right. Elsa Vanier shares her passion and convictions with us here.

Elsa, in a few words, what led you to found the Elsa Vanier gallery and who are the creators that you represent?

During my student period, I had the chance to meet and befriend Jean Vendome, who has become a French reference for contemporary jewelry. I hope you can still see the tribute given to him in 2 exhibitions in Paris, the Pierres Précieuses exhibition (at the National Museum of Natural History) and the exhibition dedicated to him at the School of Jewelery Arts (Van Cleef and Arpels) until August 28, 2021.

After working 10 years in finance and three years in London, I trained in gemology and the idea of ​​promoting jewelers and goldsmiths involved in contemporary creation has taken more and more place in my life. In 2003, I opened a gallery in Paris, in a small street in the Saint Germain des Prés district. Joined by Béatrice Trelcat, also a gemologist, we quickly exhibited around twenty creators, organizing three to four annual exhibitions, alternating themed exhibitions, group, and individual exhibitions highlighting one or two creators in particular.

What are your criteria for selecting these designers of contemporary jewelry?

I first need to be touched, moved by the object: its form, its references, its originality (an essential aspect) and its meaning. I can fall in love with it, but sometimes I need time and conversations with the creator to understand his world and be able to share his vision. The creators that I support generally use rare, precious or fascinating materials, but a few are drawn to trivial materials, made precious by exceptional work. I like that they offer an unexpected answer to the question of the role of the jewel, its relation to the body or what it says about its wearer. 
The two aspects of a jewel, the concept it conveys and the shape it gives to see are just as important to me. 

It is true that by my training as a gemologist, I am quite attracted by natural stones and noble materials. If the jewels that I put forward are not necessarily precious in the sense of the materials, all the artists of the gallery know how to work with gold. However, if it makes sense for a given piece for a stone to be treated or even synthetic, because the jewel conveys a message, offering a shift or a touch of humor, then why not! But of course, this will always be specified, as the regulations require, moreover.

Then, an artist must evolve, renew himself, and the gallery sometimes accompanies him in his research. It happened to me to give this impulse. Indeed, our exhibition proposals have been able to provide the opportunity for experiments or discoveries: the Titanic exhibition, for example, was for several artists the opportunity to work for the first time with titanium or, in 2020, the he “Ocean 2050” exhibition allowed them to explore the theme of plastic pollution for the Jewelry Trail.

Necklace made by Claire Wolfstirn | Earrings: Elsa Vanier design

And finally, why the partnership with 58 Facettes ?

I have always believed in digital and in 2003, the gallery opened simultaneously on rue du Pré aux Clercs and on the internet. After the difficulties of keeping a place open in December 2018 and 2019, the pandemic finally convinced me that it was necessary to focus on digital. I was looking for partners and the meeting with the founders of 58 Facettes was a determining factor: this partnership seemed obvious to us.

The presence of the Elsa Vanier gallery within this French jewelry platform allows our designers based in France to continue to benefit from our specific communication around contemporary jewelry. Our foreign creators are present on another platform of international contemporary art.

The dynamism of the 58 Facettes seduced us, their presence, both digital and punctuated by events "in the city", brought us closer. It is therefore with great pleasure that I inaugurate this first event 58 Facettes X Galerie Elsa Vanier. It gives me the opportunity to bring together the creators of the gallery present on, to present their emblematic pieces… and some novelties!

Selection of jewelry from Galerie Elsa Vanier

Discover these creators, at the next Pop-up store from June 10 to 13, 2021
Elsa Vanier X Gallery 58 Facettes
18 rue du pont Louis-Philippe Paris 4th