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Mother's Day at 58 Facettes

Mother's Day at 58 Facettes

Each mother is unique and that is why, like a diamond, the site 58 Facettes unveils her multiple creations to you which will please her, because a jewel remains a precious symbol to express her feelings.

The low prices

It is the gesture that counts and it is all the more true that 58 Facettes helps you find original creations, made by designers made in France.
Antique jewelry brought up to date by Emylienne Joaillerie who knows how to give an eternal scent to vintage creations.
Filigree bracelet - Emylienne joaillerie on 58 Facettes
Butterfly wings earrings - Delphine Béhin on 58 Facettes
Poetic and delicate jewelry such as the Dentelle or Papillon earrings from Béhin.
Contemporary jewelry such as the Forest or Square earrings in blackened silver by Yasmine Yahya.
Square earrings - Yasmin Yahya on 58 Facettes
Nugget bracelet - Laurence Oppermann on 58 Facettes
The sobriety of a bangle bracelet and a diamond ring from Manal Paris or a Pépite bracelet from Laurence Oppermann.
Love symbolized by a heart or a spiral by Lah or by a message “I hold you” from Atelier Sibert.
Magnet Necklace - LAH on 58 Facettes

A must have

A jewel is also a real lucky charm that accompanies us on a daily basis.
It is in this spirit that Inès de la Fressange has created its new jewelry brand. This fashion icon and mother of 2 young girls imagined her first Eclats collection, perfectly reflecting her joy of living and her elegance (note: you can find an exclusive interview on her creations this link).
Ring ring blue sapphires - Ines de la Fressange Joaillerie on 58 Facettes
Love bracelet - Emmanuelle d'Ortoli on 58 Facettes
The Marseille designer, Emmanuelle d'Ortoli plays the messenger with a small gold Love plate, mounted as a bracelet and held on two chains.
Ilona Orel loves symbolic jewelry with her Venus & Mars Akoya pearl earrings that evoke men and women with complementary symbols.
Venus & Mars earrings - Ilona Orel sur 58 Facettes
Art Deco earrings Pink gold and diamonds - Aneska sur 58 Facettes
Aneska draws inspiration from the Art Deco years for her diamond earrings, while Lucky One bet on the creoles which have become fashionable again after a great success in the 80s.
And since Mother's Day is a party, why not evoke the joy of living with colored stones? A duo of tourmalines adorns the Sara de Lanka by DMJ, while Philomène Thebault chooses a faceted pink tourmaline, combined with spessartite garnets and sapphires.
Pink Tourmaline Ring - Philomène Thebault on 58 Facettes
Bohème Ring - Rivka Nahmias on 58 Facettes
Let's play on the combination of colors with a ring Toi my thought in amethyst and tourmaline from Liee and like fireworks, the Bohème rings from Rivka Nahmias can be combined according to your desires.

Exceptional pieces

Mother's Day is also an opportunity to give a nice gift to mark the event.
Yellow gold bows earrings - Claire Wolfstirn on 58 Facettes
To evoke her status as queen, FLAV unveils her majestic Louxor ring, adorned with a luminous citrine, emeralds and diamonds, while Claire Wolfstirn evokes Greek goddesses with her Grands Arcs pendant earrings.
Discover the elegance of the Art Deco era with the Fredaine ring from designer Dangleterre who chose a rose quartz cabochon with architectural lines.
Fredaine ring - Dangleterre on 58 Facettes
Ring In the pink - Karen Gay on 58 Facettes
Rose quartz also inspired Karen Gay adorning her swirl-shaped In the pink ring.
Let's offer eternal flowers with a Glycine ring in sapphires and diamonds from Mathon Paris or Impéria earrings from Ladame Joaillerie.
Imperia earrings - Ladame Joaillerie on 58 Facettes
Golden pendant - Thomas Arabian on 58 Facettes
Declare your love with a fancy yellow diamond heart at Thomas Arabian or in the form of Juliette sapphire earrings at Marina Cabanel.
Choose contemporary materials such as anodized titanium by Agathe Saint Girons for her Moscow Eye bracelet or favor the classic elegance of Tahitian cultured and freshwater pearls with the Moréa necklace by Vangelder Création.
Moscow Eye Bracelet - Agathe Saint Girons on 58 Facettes

Diamond selection

Precious stone par excellence, the diamond is eternal.
It adapts to all styles: with contemporary designs like the brand's Pyramid or Pentagonal necklace Et alors Joaillerie.
The Pentagonal Necklace - ET ALORS Joaillerie on 58 Facettes
Kimberley Bracelet - Serengeti Jewels on 58 Facettes
Bezel-set diamonds adorn the Concorde necklace by Karen Chedid Joaillerie or the Kimberly bracelet by Serengeti Jewels.
The diamond makes it possible to highlight shapes such as the square Papyrus ring by FLAV or the undulations of the Earcuffs by Lanka by DMJ.
Papyrus ring - FLAV on 58 Facettes
Love Me earrings - Lucky One Jewelry on 58 Facettes
The diamonds turn into a heart for the Love Me earrings by Lucky One Jewelry or illuminate the hair with the Sari earrings from the maison Veyret.
The diamond is minimalist in the Pépite gold and diamond necklace by Béhin or in the Mini-Grappe ring by Emmanuelle d'Ortoli.
Mini Cluster of diamonds ring - Emmanuelle d'Ortoli on 58 Facettes
Mimosa Bracelet - Quiyee Paris on 58 Facettes
It takes on a symbolic value evoking a Chinese garden on the Mimosa bracelet at Quiyee Paris.
The diamond exists in colors such as grey, baptized pepper and salt by Alice Magnin for her stud earrings and artistically adorns the Bohème rings of Rivka Nahmias.
Salt and pepper diamond stud earrings - Alice Magnin on 58 Facettes
Small diamond yellow chain ring - Ines de la Fressange joaillerie on 58 Facettes
And as a finale, this precious stone illuminates with its delicate paving the Eclats ring from the new collection of Inès de la Fressange Joaillerie.

Vintage selection

Nothing like the charm of the old to please your mother? The site 58 Facettes completes its selection with vintage jewelry, offered by antique dealers all over France.
The antique dealer and designer Les Pierres de Julie, based in the Swiss Village in Paris, offers retro earrings from the 40s and 50s, adorned with a whirlwind of diamonds on yellow gold.
Retro tourbillon earrings - Second-hand jewel on 58 Facettes
Van Cleef & Arpels sapphire and citrine flower earrings - Second-hand jewelry on 58 Facettes
De Belormont selected Van Cleef & Arpels earrings in the vibrant colors of citrines, combined with blue sapphires.
The Miller house, located rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, plays the chic of classicism with a legends heart bracelet by OJ Perrin.
OJ Perrin legends heart bracelet - Second-hand jewel on 58 Facettes
Lever-back earrings pink gold diamond and pearls - Second-hand jewelry on 58 Facettes
Elliade Paris, which offers both contemporary and vintage creations, has selected sleepers in pink gold and pearls from the beginning of the 20th century.
Bijoux Baume de Poitiers unveils gray pearl earrings with an elegant diamond ribbon (new jewel) or a mesh bracelet from the 60s.
Antique pink gold curb link bracelet - Second-hand jewel on 58 Facettes
Modern flower ring - Second-hand jewel on 58 Facettes
Art & Or de Bordeaux has selected several rings with diamonds old rose size from 1900 and a magnificent flower pendant enamel and diamonds from the Art Nouveau period.
A wonderful way to tell your mom that she will remain eternal like a precious diamond!


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

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