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Editor's favorites

Editor's favorites

The site 58 Facettes is growing and every week, we receive new requests from designers wishing to be referenced, in order to bring you a complete offer of jewelry made in France. Among the new creators, our editor-in-chief, Kyra Brenzinger, has selected her latest favorites for you.

Sari Grand Soir cuff from the maison Veyret

A true invitation to travel, the Sari cuff evokes the splendor of the Maharajas and the refinement of women wearing elegant saris, illuminated by sumptuous jewellery. The designer Anouck Veyret was inspired by the rays of the sun, studded with diamonds which radiate all along the wrist. This prestigious cuff is accompanied by jewelry to wear for every day: necklaces, rings or earrings. Anouck Veyret has chosen to have her jewelry made in the best workshops in France, collaborating for the biggest Haute Joaillerie houses.
Sari cuff - Maison Veyret on the fact 58 Facettes

Hoels Harmony Pendant

Harmony pendant - Hoels on 58 Facettes
In these troubled times, the search for harmony is essential. Designer Sophie Hoehlinger has created her new brand Hoels, combining well-being through stones and fine jewelry. The 9,93 carat raw aquamarine crystal from Nigeria is mounted on a pendant evoking the shapes of DNA, adorned with diamonds. Aquamarine vibrations bring gentle energy and correspond to the throat, chakra points. Other creations call on other vibrations such as the emerald corresponding to appeasement or the opal to creativity. Jewelry in harmony with body and mind.

Bolo-Tie, Martin Spreng's Iron Eye Tie Pendant

Artist-sculptor and cabinetmaker, Martin Spreng offers an innovative look at jewelry for men and women. On his Bolo-Tie tie pendant, he has set an iron eye plate reminiscent of wood grain in tawny hues. He extended its geometric shape with a silver plate, sculpted and engraved by hand in his workshop in Paris. Martin Spreng offers another version in lapis lazuli, combined with gold and silver. His rings have just as much character, worked in different materials and crafted by hand by this talented artist.
Iron Eye Bolo Tie - Martin Spreng on 58 Facettes

Aurora Dissymmetry Ring Tiber Joaillerie

Aurora Dissymmetry Ring - Tiber Joaillerie on the fact 58 Facettes
Trained as a gemologist, Marie-Caroline Lagache has a gift for color composition. For her Dissymmetry Aurore ring, she created a palette of flamboyant colors, composed of a 5,4-carat red tourmaline surrounded by spinels, spessartites and rhodolite garnets. Like a painting in homage to the dawn with a deliberately asymmetrical frame, the ring artistically adorns the hand. The designer is also inspired by her many travels, such as in Japan to create her storm ring or in Morocco with her Moucharabieh pendants in gold filigree. Jewelry is an eternal chromatic journey.


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Cover photo: Harmony pendant - Hoels

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