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How to care for pearls?

How to care for pearls?

Take care of your pearls

The pearl is an organic material, considered as a gem. However, special care must be given to it so that it retains all of its original luster and beauty.

Indeed, pearls are "alive" and sensitive to extreme heat: they can dry out. It is also not recommended to leave it too long locked in the bottom of a trunk for this reason, while the fact of wearing it will hydrate it naturally.

The pearl is also sensitive to anything that alters the limestone. It should not be put in contact with perfumes, or any other cosmetic or chemical product. This could cause her to "die" and give her a green, extinct tint. In order to avoid scratches, it is better to store them by isolating them from other jewelry.

Clean your pearls 

Just clean them with a soft, damp cloth and then let them dry naturally. It is best not to rub them as they scratch easily.

With its precautions, you can fully enjoy the charm and delicacy of pearls, and opt for one of the pearl jewelry from our selection. Pearls !

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