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Men's jewelry: Ecce Homo!

Men's jewelry: Ecce Homo!

Choosing a piece of jewelry for a man, off the beaten track, is not easy… The site 58 facettes has unearthed for you 3 designers who bring their personal vision of the jewel and who will know how to awaken in you your true personality.

Poìma: Greco-Roman inspiration as a red thread

This new brand of jewelry is the fruit of a mutual passion of 3 young co-founders (the two brothers Bruno and Renan Pacheco and Quentin Pontonnier) for Greco-Roman mythology. Poìma, which means poem in Greek, inspired the creators of the brand to a universe between dream and poetry.
Poima Renan Pacheco Bruno Pacheco and Quentin Pontonnier
Ring of Blind Love - Poima on 58 Facettes
Their best seller, the Blind Love ring features the face of Eros, god of love, with hands delicately covering his eyes. The Sorrow of Zeus necklace symbolizes the fall of Olympus by the Titans. Crafted in slightly blackened silver, the piece seems to have miraculously emerged from Greco-Roman excavations. The Black Ring signet ring of Helios, the god of the sun, takes on its full meaning in the vermeil version radiating its rays onto the stone, a black kyanite.
Poìma has already received the “made in Paris” label thanks to their integrated workshop. The design of the jewelry is made by Quentin Pontonnier, who in addition to the brand's collection, also offers tailor-made jewelry. "Many international personalities already wear our jewelry such as actors KJ Apa or Rayane Bensetti and model Hugo Philip or the influencer and co-founder of our brand Renan Pacheco", explains Bruno Pacheco. The miss universe, Iris Mitteanaere or the Russian actress Bonnie Strange were also seduced by this dreamlike universe. Because for once, girls can steal their men's jewelry!

Hugues Lys: a futuristic and architectural collection

With his atypical career, Hugues Lys reveals his almost cinematographic universe. Passionate about science fiction films, but also trained at the Ecole Polytechnique, he has created a collection linking these different universes. Its Metropolis collection refers to the legendary black & white film by Fritz Lang from 1927.
Hugues Lys
Hugues Lys solid gold automaton head ring
"Worked on patinated silver, the frame of the jewelry evokes the columns in the city of Metropolis, also reminiscent of the structure of the Eiffel Tower which fascinates me so much in Paris", explains Hugues Lys. The first piece in his collection is the incredible Automaton Head ring, adorned with onyx, emerald or ruby ​​eyes that close with the movement of the hand. "This ring has a design that is both futuristic and childish, because I was inspired by the dolls that give the mechanical illusion of life." This piece also gave birth to a cat's head, equipped with the same mechanism. Fascinated by Egyptian art, Hugues Lys was inspired by ancient statues and the representation of cats on sarcophagi. The solid gold version is particularly elegant, enhancing the effect of the large open eyes in onyx.
Its clients are international, particularly from England and Germany. “Even women wear my jewelry, loving my universe, which is both expressive and architectural”. Moreover, he is preparing a new collection for us revisiting the classic image of white diamonds. Because Hugues Lys likes to surprise us by shaking up the codes of jewelry.

Jérôme de Stéfano: Wood, a collection in homage to his native Italy

Renowned designer of Haute Fantaisie collaborating with major brands such as Dior, Swarovski or Céline, Jérôme de Stéfano has chosen to dedicate his unique collection in sterling silver to his Italian origins. “Wood is in reference to the magnificent olive trees that adorn the hills of my region of Friuli in northern Italy. The veins of the bark are found on the bodies of rings, bracelets or pendants, entwined by vine shoots evoking the unwavering bond between two people ”, explains Jérôme de Stéfano poetically.
Jerome de Stefano
Rock Wood flat bangle bracelet - Jérôme de Stéfano on 58 Facettes
Wishing to create a collection with a very pure design, the designer revisits a Dark Wood signet ring, adorned with a black agate cabochon. Its Wood Fabio ring features the veined effect of the wood on the body of the ring contrasting with the rectangular and smooth top. Particularly contemporary, the Rock Wood flat bangle bracelet is made of almost black ruthenium.
For those who love color, Wood bracelets are associated with real hard stones combining tiger eye and hematite with lava stone or pyrite and apatite. “The collection is particularly mixed and we offer a few vermeil earrings for women”, specifies Jérôme de Stéfano. In 2018, the designer received the “Made in Paris” label from the city of Paris for the entire collection. A great recognition that brings resonance internationally and with an informed public.


Article written by Kyra Brenzinger - Editor-in-chief.

Photos 1 - 2: Poìma
Photos 3-4: Hugues Lys
Photos 5-6: Jérôme de Stéfano

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