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Signet Ring: How to choose and wear it?

Signet Ring: How to choose and wear it?

What you should know about the signet ring:

The history of the signet ring:

Historically, the signet ring has been found since the Middle Ages. Indeed, it was used to show the coats of arms of noble families.

The symbols and traditions that surround the signet rings are numerous. This is what makes this jewel so special today.

The social rank, the position within the siblings, the country, governed the rules of wearing the signet ring in the old days. More than a simple jewel, its surface engraved with coats of arms served as a seal to sign and accompany documents.

How to wear your signet ring?

The elders of their family traditionally place their male signet ring on the left ring finger, on the same finger as the wedding ring. It is quite possible to wear it on the right ring finger to avoid the accumulation of signet ring - Alliance on the same finger.

Cadets, youngest children as well as women wear their signet rings on the right little finger although the little finger may also be possible, especially for practical reasons.

Formerly a sign of power, it is possible to wear a signet ring on the index finger.

It is possible to orient your signet ring in a kiss-hand, that is to say turned towards your nail, if you are not in a relationship. It is possible to steer in the opposite direction if you are engaged in a relationship. These rules are of course only indicative since your choice of meaning will rather be based on your personal aesthetic preference.

Signet ring: with or without a stone?

In the past, signet rings were in the vast majority of cases only made of 750 thousandth gold.

Today there is a wide variety of signet rings as well for men than for women, composed of precious metal to which is added a precious or fine stone. Sometimes we even find enamel.

According to your desires and your personality, you will find on 58 Facettes un large selection of signet rings with or without a stone, in yellow, white or pink gold or platinum.

It will then be quite possible to customize your signet ring, by having it engraved for example.

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