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6 tips for getting her the engagement ring of her dreams

6 tips for getting her the engagement ring of her dreams

Our recommendation in a few words:

Gathering key information on the type of ring she wants (ie setting, style, diamond or gemstone) will help you considerably in your search for the perfect engagement ring. The advice of our jewelry expert presented in the guide below will help you imagine this ring and make it take shape. You can then make a custom creation request from our artisan jewelers selected for their expertise and know-how.

Whether you want to make an intimate marriage proposal or envision a more chivalrous one, having some idea of ​​the ring she dreams of is essential, especially if you prefer to surprise her. Fortunately, there are a number of clues that can help you decipher the ring that perfectly matches her style and expectations.

This guide will give you methods to determine:

  • The shape of the diamond or gemstone she wants
  • The color of the metal she prefers
  • The type of frame that matches your personality
  • The number of carats she expects
  • And other details about the ring she dreams of

With these tips in mind, you can buy her a ring that looks like her and potentially even exceeds her expectations. Basically, the ring you choose is the symbol of your love and your commitment. So, taking the time to understand her style and taste in jewelry will help you make the right choice.

Tip # 1: Observe Your Style Carefully

Like a detective, you can pick up a lot of details about your future bride's style by reviewing her wardrobe, jewelry, and other accessories. Do not be afraid to write down your observations and ideas (while remaining discreet… We would not want her to discover the pot aux roses through our fault!).

We are well aware that the evaluation of the style of your bride is not a hard science but certain great patterns frequently emerge:

  • She usually goes for a simple style (ie jeans, leggings, shirts / t-shirts in one color). She will probably prefer a simple, minimalist ring that will remain strong. In this case, favor solitary frames that highlight the diamond, oval or brilliant (round).
  • She always dresses with the latest collections from trendy brands. Consider fashionable designer ring designs.
  • She is keen on clothes vintage and furniture found in antique shops or found in flea markets. Go on styles vintage which can be expressed both by the stones used (colored stones or emerald-shaped diamonds for example) or by the setting (interlacing of the rings, paving of diamonds surrounding the ring, three-stone rings).
  • She is very athletic or very busy with a particular activity or profession. You may want to avoid "cathedral" and "prong" settings which particularly expose the diamond to favor the optimum strength offered by the "bevel" setting.
  • The objects and gifts she receives from her grandparents or other family members hold a great deal of sentimental value to her. Try to find a family gem that could be repackaged and reworked into an engagement ring.

Tip # 2: Use the internet!

Many women (and men) store a lot of information online - easily accessible to anyone. If your future fiancée has a Pinterest account, this is a great place to start research. She may have selected examples of engagement rings or more generally jewelry that she appreciates. If you can't find any clues on particular rings, you can in any case get an idea of ​​the different styles and universes that make her dream. All you need to do is enter their name or username in the Pinterest search engine and you will dive into the heart of their inspirations.

Tip # 3: Call on their closest circle

You can count on the women or men who are closest to your future fiancée: her mother or her father, her sister or her brother, her / her best friend etc. Chances are, your other half has confided in them and shared their engagement ring wishes and preferences. If they don't know, you can ask them to approach the subject in the course of a conversation, in a progressive way so as not to put the chip in his ear: "do you think he will take the leap one day?" ? »…« Have you already mentioned it? »…« What ring will he give you in your opinion? »…« What would be your ideal ring? ".

You can also ask her best friend or her mom to come with you to help you choose the engagement ring. They will most likely be of good advice and can direct you to the styles and models that will please him. On the other hand, avoid telling her that you are going to be spending time one-on-one with her best friend or her mother! She might suspect something ...

Tip # 4: Analyze Your Jewelry

You can find a number of clues by looking at her current collection of jewelry. Does she wear silver or white gold rings and bracelets? Does she have yellow gold necklaces? Are her jewelry more classic with diamonds or pearls or on the contrary, do they have colored stones? You can even pretend you want to buy her a bracelet or some earrings and see what style and metal she directs you towards. Another way to glean information is to discuss jewelry worn or given to friends or family. She'll approve of some and reject others, giving you clues about her favorite styles or which to avoid.

Tip # 5: "Just to watch"

If the two of you pass a jewelry store, you may stop, "just to look." This is bound to arouse her suspicions, but if you can stay very relaxed, she might not be overly suspicious. You can also take him to see the necklaces, earrings or bracelets first, especially if his birthday or Christmas is approaching. She will think to herself that you are simply looking for a gift to give her. By the way, you take the opportunity to also look at the rings and ask his opinion. You will see which models it naturally gravitates towards.

Tip # 6: Ask him!

If you have tried the above methods and find that surprising her is not your style (or hers), then all you have to do is ask her directly what she would like! This goes from the type of stone (diamond or colored stones), to the setting, including the style in general as well as the metal and its color.

Once you have its "specifications", you can also take care of the selection of the jeweler and the design of the ring on your side, if you still want to keep a little "surprise" side.

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