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5 good reasons to invest in a piece of jewelry

5 good reasons to invest in a piece of jewelry

58 Facettes is committed to "taking jewelry out of drawers so that it can be worn", designing a circular future for jewelry! The advantage of buying a piece of jewelery is also to make an interesting investment. Here are a few reasons to convince you:

1. Diversification of its heritage

Investing in a piece of jewelry is a very interesting diversification of one's wealth and financial portfolio, since it represents an investment that is not correlated to the stock market or other more traditional markets and is less volatile.

2. A tangible asset

As such, it is a tangible asset, with an intrinsic value given the precious and lasting materials of which each jewel is made, unlike an asset such as a share for example. The jewel has a very concrete aspect that will last. Not to mention the pleasure of wearing it!

3. Inflation hedge

Jewelry can act as an inflation hedge, as the value of precious metals and gemstones tends to increase with inflation.

4. Rarity: Increasing Value

A value liée rarity: Certain types of jewelry, with rare stones or old pieces, are unique. As demand increases and supply dwindles, they increase in value.

5. An international market

The antique and vintage jewelry market is international: The jewelry market is global, with buyers and sellers from all over the world. This can provide opportunities for diversification and growth, as you can invest in pieces from different regions and cultures and find equally diverse buyers.

Still need to buy a quality piece of jewelry! It is important to work with reputable third parties and experts who can understand the market and trends to best advise you. A commitment at the heart of the missions of 58 Facettes !

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