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10 reasons to buy vintage jewelry

10 reasons to buy vintage second-hand jewelry

Vintage jewellery, the golden age...

As Le Figaro says in its January 2022 article, everyone is looking for their vintage piece of jewelry and the craze for antique jewelry is there. Between awareness of responsible consumption and the joy of discovering rare pieces, here are our ten reasons to buy second-hand vintage jewelery on 58 Facettes :

1 - An irresistible vintage touch: vintage jewelery has style!

2- Excellent value for money

3 - A unique jewel that has not been mass produced, sometimes rare or even exceptional

4- The quality of handmade in the vast majority

5 - An investment value: enough to create a collection!

6 - A jewel that represents a responsible purchase and that is given a second life

7- A jewel that has a story to tell 

8 - Being able to choose between period or "period style" jewelry

9 - Materials, stone qualities that can sometimes no longer be found

10 - The pleasure and excitement of finding and finding the ideal piece

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