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Our top 10 second-hand signet rings for women


Chevalière, a ring high as a symbol, which we most often imagine on the finger of a man. In this week when international women's rights are highlighted, think of this ring as a jewel of "empowerment"!

Wear a signet ring for a woman

The signet ring is a ring that carries history par excellence. It was found in the tombs of pharaohs, it was adorned with symbols of power among the Greeks and Romans and in the Middle Ages allowed documents to be marked with a wax seal. Symbol of authority therefore, and therefore assimilated to a man's ring?
In fact, it is worn by both men and women. It is often described how it is worn according to the rules of nobility, since historically it bore the coat of arms of families.
Of course, no one is obliged to comply with these principles and particularly on this March 8, we suggest that women wear it as a "statement ring". Whether on the little finger, ring finger or index finger, these are beautiful jewels to adopt.
Here is a selection of signet rings that are particularly becoming for a woman, and discover more used signet rings still on 58 Facettes.